One-stop-shop in Arctic operations

The arctic region involves major challenges for operations requiring technology, equipment, communication and infrastructure including icebreaker ships, roads, harbours and runways. HARNVIG, Arctic & Maritime provides integrating services to exploration activities for oil, gas and minerals in the arctic region. We develop, implement and operate mineral operations in hydro carbonate investigations and drilling projects in ice hazardous areas. We offer operational support, -logistics and -management for offshore and onshore operations in harsh environments, particularly in ice infested regions. With integrated services and competences, we develop turnkey solutions characterised by comprehensive arctic knowhow and strong partnerships with key players in the market. We vouch for high-quality, reliability and functionality as we pursue the best and most rational solution for our customer.

Your integrated service partner

Partnering up with HARNVIG you get expertise, manpower and knowhow in one team. Our deliverance covers all necessary aspects for carrying out an arctic operation regarding environmental intelligence and surveillance, preparation and execution of an ice management plan. It includes access to all relevant units – icebreakers, supply ships, aviation units and direct cooperation between operators in the field of scientific capacity with ice studies. 

What to expect

HARNVIG Arctic & Maritime is an experienced service provider who performs customer-driven research and innovative product development. By combining knowhow and experience together with our strong network of marked leading subcontractors, we deliver unique and rational services that ensure safe and successful operations. We are motivated by deep integration into our customers’ operations as we ensure an intense dialogue about goals and current operation status. As a trusted partner in your project development team we integrate Ice Management, Met.Ocean and logistics to create value by raising the safety level and performance in cost effective operations.