Ice Advice

We know Arctic maritime and offshore operations - and we know how ice and weather can affect them.
By gathering all available Ice & Metocean data and by knowing all about your operational criteria, we provide professional advice to your key team members.
We follow your operation closely hour by hour, and you'll get early warning of any possible hazards relating to Ice & Metocean conditions.

Operational Window

We can optimize your operational window for your operation.

Prior to your operation, we'll make a thorough analysis of the physical environment and
determine the right time to enter the area of operation. 

Hour-by-Hour forecasting on board your vessel or day-to-day service from our Ice Center in
Copenhagen. Ice routeing advice combined with highly experienced weather forecasters
gives you a safe Arctic voyage.

Ice Monitoring

From various satellites we monitor your area of operation. Wether it's a port anywhere in the world
where ice can occur or it's in the high Artic.

The right warning in due time helps you optimize your operation. By knowing what lies ahead, you
can plan and mitigate any risks and make sure the work will be successful.

Our highly skilled and experienced Ice Advisors work close together with your team, and provide
operational advice on how to move forward, as well as "go/no go" decision support.

Satellite Data

We are using all available satellite images, both from optical and radar sensors.

We can create a satellite image acquisition plan that meets the specific requirements for your project
or voyage. You can have a viewing system on the Bridge for easy and immediate access for the Navigators,
Clients Representatives and Project Supervisors on board the vessel.

Or we can provide all services from our Ice Office in Copenhagen and create daily reports with images attached.